The Wilderness Tower

Wooden treehouse built in old pine trees along a moose path on the shores of lake Svartevann. In the end of  a marsh you will find the tiny lake Fiskekrogen with perch that you can try fishing for dinner.
The location far from both people and roads, describes the cabins name and rustic style very well - this is really in the middle of the southern Norwegian wilderness. Peace and silence are here guaranteed.
The living space of around 20 square meters is built between old pine trees, in the upper level of the Wilderness Tower, and together with the loft constitute the top two floors. From here there are great views to both lakes. The beds are handmade made in birch logs with comfortable mattresses.
The kitchen is equipped with all you need to make an excellent meal. Cook-top and fridge are gas-powered, and there is a great wood-burning stove with hob and oven that adds extra wilderness flavor to the food. The dining table has 6 chairs, and from the sofa corner you have a panoramic view of lake Svartevann.
This is a true "back to nature" experience, also inside the cabin. Everything is made out of wood from the surrounding forests. The candles and flames from the wood-stove gives a cosy flickering light in the dark night. Here you need to burn firewood to keep yourself warm in the cold season. The only technical device available is a battery pack for charging of mobile phones.
Rainwater is collected on the loft for washing water to the kitchen and bath. In dry or frosty weather, the washing water must be carried up to the cabin from the lake. Drinking water from the farm is provides in plastic jugs.
The balcony with superior views of the forest is also a nice place to relax. Here are tables and benches for your meal, and a feeding place where small birds and squirrels from the forest enjoy to visit.
In fact, moose and deer also show up frequently. If you stay calm and silence, chances are good to see wild animals at sunrise. Ducks, geese, swans and cranes likes the shallow and nutritious lakes. In springtime the Black grouse is easy to hear, its song can be heard a kilometer away.
Under the living area is the woodshed with carpenter's bench and a ladder up to a kind of a loft. So in total the tower has 4 floors! There are hammers, saws, nails and plank bits for free use for those who want to make a bird box or maybe a small boat to play with in the lake. From the loft you can jump out into a climbing frame between the trees. Fun for the kids and adults
The hot tub with spectacular views of the Lake Svartevannet. will become your favorite spot outside the cabin. Incredibly comfortable and relaxing.
On the forest floor is the bonfire square with solid tables and benches. Making bonfire and barbecuing are important parts of the natural experience. Remember to bring barbecue food or buy organic meat and vegetables from Fiddan Øko Gård. (Fiddan Organic Farm)
Like in the good old days, the toilet is in the outhouse. It has a warm seat with panoramic views of Langemyra wetland. The building is designed to be as odourless as possible with double composting chamber and straw walls.
Everything in and around the Wilderness Tower is mainly built of materials from the forests of Fiddan. Sustainable and local or recycled materials have been used throughout all the construction process.
From the parking you have 2 choices to get to the Wilderness Tower.
1. Walking track along lake Svartevann through the pine forest. Distance: 350 meters
2. Crossing lake Svartevann by canoe or row-boat. Distance 300 meters
Canoe and row-boat are free to use, and there is a dock by the cabin to tie up the boat.
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